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Costco Electric Bikes:- Are you searching for an affordable price on your next purchase of an electric bike? You might want to look at some of the offers offered by Costco.

The company is known for providing some of the lowest rates in the business, with the highest level of customer satisfaction assurance.

If you purchase anything from one of their stores, and you discover that it’s damaged or ruined (or in the event that you’re not satisfied with the product) you are able to return it for the full amount back (there are some exceptions).

1. Jetson Bolt Pro Ebike

Jetson Bolt Pro Ebike

The bike is dubbed”the “cheapest electric bicycle” The Jetson Bolt Pro is a portable, 41-pound electric bike that has a motor of 350W. The bike costs $399.99 and includes an assist-to-torque function as well as a 36V lithium-ion battery, and two hydraulic disc brakes.

The bike can be said to have maximum speeds of up to 15mph, and travel up 30 miles on a full charge. However, users won’t be able to track the speed and distance in real time since the bike isn’t equipped with an electronic display.

If you’re searching for an electric bicycle that will take you from A to B then the Jetson Bolt Pro might just be the most value-for-money electric bike you can find.

Main Features:

* Payload Capacity: 250 lbs
* 15-30 miles of range
* Speed of top speed 15.5 miles per hour

2. Jupiter Discovery X5

Jupiter Discovery X5

Jupiter’s Discovery X5 is another low-budget commuter electric bike that you can purchase from Costco. It comes with a 350-watt hub motor that is able to propel it at a speed of up to sixteen miles an hour.

The bike’s electric motor can be folded into nearly half its size when fully extended. This allows it to fit under office desks, or inside trunks of cars. It’s equipped with a very robust 36-volt 5.2Ah battery that can run up to 30 miles of commute.

Contrary to that the Jetson Bolt Pro, Jupiter’s Discovery X5 has an LCD display that shows the battery’s speed, range, percent, etc. It also has both rear and front fenders and rear shock absorption as well as an electronic horn and two disc brakes that have motor-inhibiting capabilities.

Main Features:

* Payload Capacity: 265 lbs
* 30 miles of range
* Speed of top speed 16.0 miles per hour

3. Sondors Smart Step LTD

Sondors Smart Step LTD

The strongest battery on the listing is Sondors Smart Step LTD. The electric bike is equipped with a 36V 10.4Ah battery that can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge.

Some of the features of an e-bike include:

* Front forks that are non-adjustable (with 80mm of travel)

* 27.5 by 3″ tires

*An LCD display device that shows the speed, battery level, and distance traveled.

* How Fast Do Electric Bikes Offered at Costco Go?

In general, it is somewhere between 15-28 miles per hour. One of the most powerful (and most robust) electric bike available at Costco is the RBSM Sports Mud-adder has a top speed of 28mph.

What’s the warranty like for electric bikes from Costco?

The only electric bikes we could find on their website that have warranty information in their descriptions come from the same company; Jetson (the Jetson Bolt Pro and the Jetson Adventure). It doesn’t mean Costco isn’t able to offer warranty for other electric bikes featured on their website.

We checked out Jetson’s official website and discovered that Jetson has the same warranty available on each bike which is a one-year limited warranty. Therefore, regardless of whether the specifications of an electronic bike include details about the warranty period It is safe to assume the warranty offered by the manufacturer applies here.

Additionally, Costco hasn’t included e-bikes as an item that must return within 90 days after purchase. This is a sign that customers could need to call the maker of an electronic bike to get support with their warranty.

To get more clarity regarding this issue contact their customer service team. They’ll be able to provide more details on the policies of warranty for the company.

* How Can I Return a Bike or E-bike Purchased in a Costco Warehouse?

In the majority of cases the event that you purchase an electric bike at the brick-and-mortar Costco shop, then you can’t return it on the internet ( All warehouse purchases can be returned in-store.

It is not necessary to return the bike to the warehouse from which it was purchased. Any Costco location will suffice. If you buy an electric bike through Costco’s online store Costco website, you can ask that the bike be delivered when it’s delivered.

Online customers can also return damaged products to any Costco store of their choice. Certain products, including electronic products, come with a 90-day return period. If the item isn’t returned within the 90-day period following purchase, it’ll be refused by Costco.

* Can You Shop at Costco Without Being a Member?

In general, you can buy items on the Costco website without a membership. However, this will incur a cost of 5% more than the prices that are posted for members.

Non-members are also able to purchase products in the store. To make this purchase it is necessary for the non-member to have a Costco gift card (which cannot be purchased by members).

Anybody can shop at a Costco store with the use of a Costco gift card. If you buy items beyond the amount of the gift card, the split-tender option lets non-members pay the remainder of the purchase with their debit credit or debit cards (or any other method or method of payment).

As an example, suppose you go into the Costco store with a gift card of $50 and buy items that are worth $100. If you’re a member or not you’ll be able to pay the balance by using virtually any payment system

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